Absorb articles of note

Check out recent articles below on the big picture of water and climate change. Then, for more motivation, dive deep into my favorite resources of a) blogs/web sites, b) books, c) governmental agencies/water utilities, d) non-profits/regional botanical gardens/horticultural organizations, and e) universities. “Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year,” by Justin Gillis,… Read More Absorb articles of note

What’s in a name?

In yet another dry summer in year 5 of a drought, I’m reminded how names influence perceptions and actions. Shakespeare’s Juliet argued “That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” Maybe for Romeo, but not for amorphous concepts to transform water-intensive landscapes. Take ‘drought-tolerant,’ the industry-standard coinage for… Read More What’s in a name?

5 years and counting

Now into the 5th year of a deep drought, California’s May 2016 suspension of urban water restrictions strains credulity. Given that El Niño did not materialize, climate change is unabated, and old habits die hard, reversing the course set only one year earlier seems premature. April 2015’s statewide mandatory reductions (coupled with surcharges, penalties, and… Read More 5 years and counting