Water when?

The rule of thumb is ‘Water during growing season.’ Plants grow in spring and summer as temperatures heat up, and any supplemental water occurs then, right? It is not that simple for dry-climate plants. Some are warm-season growers that push out new growth in spring through fall and go dormant in winter. Others are cool-season… Read More Water when?

Grass be gone #5

Q: What do you get when you convert lawn to waterwise plants? A: Dramatic cuts in consumption and maintenance coupled with surprisingly better aesthetics and functionality. This revelation proved true in long-term studies such as the City of Santa Monica’s garden\garden. And it proved true in our 4 projects chronicled in earlier Grass Be Gone… Read More Grass be gone #5

Snap and see

One of my many learnings these past 3 years is that a camera is an invaluable sustainability tool. Its two-dimensional photos are truth-tellers even more than the naked eye. Whether produced via smartphone or sophisticated camera, whether striking or just so-so, they show attributes with great clarity that we otherwise miss, downplay, or ignore. Consider… Read More Snap and see